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Laboratory of Wood Technology  
In the current structure of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at the University Ghent, the Laboratory of Wood Technology is part of the department Forest and Water Management. The lab is managed by Prof. Marc Stevens and Prof. Joris Van Acker.

The Laboratory of Wood Technology gives particular attention to current problematic issues such as competition for raw wood material, use of alternative ligneous materials (e.g. bamboo, flax), wood certification and sustainable development of the forestry-wood chain on a regional, European or global scale.

Since its establishment in 1969, the Laboratory of Wood Technology at the Ghent University (UGent) acquired over 30 years of experience in fundamental and applied research on wood and maintains close contacts with the wood-processing industry. At present, the laboratory has a scientific staff of eight researchers and a basic support technical staff of seven people.

Through its involvement in national and international research projects and networks, its close contacts with different branches of the wood processing industry and several umbrella organisations of the entire forest-wood chain, and its consultancy and educational services, the Laboratory of Wood Technology exerts an adequate influence on the regional as well as the international forest management policy, the wood utilization policy and the developments in the technological valorisation of raw wood material.

The Laboratory of Wood Technology is besides activities linked to wood based panels such as plywood, MDF and chipboard also involved in research on wood polymer composites (WPC) and high performance natural fibre composites. The main focus is on resources and biodegradability.

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