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Faculty of Bioscience Engineering - Ghent University
The energy knowledge platform Power-Link is a recent, joint initiative of the Port of Oostende and Ghent University, located at the Greenbridge science park in the outer port of Oostende. As a centre of competence, Power-Link and its partnering university colleges aim at maturing into a subregional information and technology agency on sustainable and renewable energy.

Power-Link provides a central information service on green energy technologies and encourages rational, reduced and alternative energy use. As a network partner, Power-Link interacts with the innovative and creative move of the new production and consumption energy market and, moreover, creates a research platform with an own clean tech environment, i.e. the Greenbridge science park.
Greenbridge is the West Flemish science park of Ghent University, creating an innovative and enterprising climate in the Ostend region. The park provides incubator facilities designed to help high tech start-ups build up their company, next to a science park area of 20 ha open to new and experienced companies in promising domains such as clean tech energy, nutra- and pharmaceuticals, environment, health and wellness, etc.

In synergy with Power-Link, Greenbridge seeks hightech investors in clean technology, in particular energy related, and aims at implementing and demonstrating high potential techniques. Hence Greenbridge intends to contribute to the low carbon economy and to meet the requirements of an eco-industrial park. Emerging research and investment projects concern plasma technology, green hydrogen applications and grid R&D.

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