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Faculty of Bioscience Engineering - Ghent University
Laboratory of Applied Physical Chemistry – ISOFYS  
The research of ISOFYS focuses on three themes: 1. isotope biogeochemistry and isotope ecology; 2. greenhouse gas budgets of terrestrial ecosystems”; 3. integrated resource management for tropical agriculture”. Especially themes 2 and 3 are related to CORR.
ISOFYS has been involved in process based research related to greenhouse gas production in terrestrial ecosystems (e.g. N2O emission from agricultural and natural peat soils, CH4 emission from landfills and rice fields, C-sequestration). Research activities have been developed to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and to develop ecosystem greenhouse gas balances. A complete greenhouse gas balance assessment is crucial to understand the greenhouse gas emission reduction that can be achieved via bio-fuels. Prof. P. Boeckx is an expert contributing to the activities of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Recently, a collaboration with ILVO has been started to investigate potential positive effects of BIOCHAR for soil fertility and crop production, in general, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, specifically. BIOCHAR is a rest product that is formed during the pyrolesis of organic waste material for bio-energy production.
More, in general ISOFYS is actively involved in research activities related to integrated resource management for tropical agriculture with a special focus on sub-sahara Africa. One line of research is efficient use of local organic residues for improved crop production.

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N2O emission measurements from no-till field established to increase C-sequestration (Maulde, Belgium)  
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