Center of Renewable Resources CoRR
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering - Ghent University
Laboratory of Forestry  
The Laboratory of Forestry is part of the department Forest and Water Management of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering. The lab is managed by Prof. Kris Verheyen.
The Laboratory of Forestry is responsible for research and education related to forests. Within the scope of the Center of Renewable Resources, the 30-year expertise of the Laboratory is currently being applied in various studies on opportunities and threats of woody biomass production. More specifically, studies are being performed on impacts of and best management practices for harvesting; on nutrient balances in harvested forests and on the pros and cons of woody biomass production on marginal (i.e. low productive and/or polluted) sites. In this respect, the Laboratory has established a ~1 ha experimental biomass plantation in 2001 in Zwijnaarde to study the performance and growth of four tree species (birch, maple, willow on poplar). Following a seven year intensive monitoring campaign, the plantation was harvested in early 2008 and at this moment the resprouting and growth of the trees in the second production cycle is being assessed.

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