Center of Renewable Resources CoRR
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering - Ghent University
Dept. of Plant Production - In Vitro Biotechnology and Horticulture  
The "In vitro culture and horticulture" team hosts several research topics that relate to the mission of the center of renewable resources. The following themes are of special interest:

Theme 1: Genome design: ploidisation and interspecies crosses
Currently we are studying the genetic and environmental factors that influence the production of unreduced microspores. Strategies are being developed that have potential to increase 2n pollen production. This is of interest to breeders who use dihaploid technology or reverse mapping technology to improve or speed up their programs.

Theme 2: Plant micropropagation
Many if not all plants can be propagated using in vitro technology. However, some species are more recalcitrant and conditions are far from optimal to be applied in an economic viable fashion. For instance, we are developing methods based on direct somatic embryogenesis that allow a high multiplication of genetically stable plantlets of recalcitrant woody species.

Theme 3: In vitro tissue culture technology: a platform for plant chemical production.
Several strategies are being deployed to break the regulatory systems that often hamper increased production of particular compounds in plants. These include the modification of media composition and growth conditions, the genetic engineering of biosynthetic pathways via overexpression and gene silencing, and the generation of hybrid lines with improved production capacity.

Theme 4: Cryopreservation and conservation of genetic pools
The cryopreservation technology involves the controlled cooling of in vitro cultures and storage in liquid nitrogen. The optimal conditions required for the regeneration of the frozen material are determined for a number of plants with medicinal potential.

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