Center of Renewable Resources CoRR
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering - Ghent University
Research Group Laboratory of microbial ecology and technology    
Ghent University's lab of Microbial Ecology and Technology (LabMET) is a
frontrunner when it comes to harnessing the adaptivity, stability and
catalytic power of mixed microbial populations.
It has long been recognised that microbial populations perform crucial processes in environmental biotechnological applications, and that by improving our knowledge of the multi-disciplinary field of microbial ecology, technologies can benefit greatly. We are - as it were - performing Bacterial Resource Management...

Our main focus lies in the domein of environmental biotechnology, with water reclamation, waste - and waste water treatment, microbial fuel cells and biogassification (energy out of waste) as prime targets of our investigations. Our intimate collaboration with industry, the research being done at our labs and the academic training provided by our group testify the vital role that mixed microbial communities have in the domein of sustainable, renewable resources.

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