Center of Renewable Resources CoRR
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering - Ghent University
The Research Group ENVOC  
The Research Group ENVOC focuses on three themes: environmental organic
chemistry, environmental technology, and clean technology. It is
specifically the latter theme that makes part of the CORR activities. Within
clean technology, two major research lines are running.

First, the research group develops quantitative metrics for the assessment to evaluate the technical and environmental sustainability of new (renewables-based) technologies. The basics of the quantitative tools are thermodynamics and life-cycle assessment. The combination into the exergy and exergetic life cycle assessment allows an objectivication of the sustainability debate. Through a thorough process chain analysis, it becomes obvious in quantitative terms how much resources and materials are taken
into the product's life cycle, what the fraction of renewables is, how efficient they are converted into products and by-products, what is converted into waste and irreversibilities, etc. Particular examples can be
found in: Dewulf et al., Renewability Assessment of Biofuel Production, Environmental Science and Technology, 2005, 39, 3878-3882; and Renewables-Based Technology: Sustainability Assessment, Dewulf J. & Van Langenhove H. Editors, Wiley Series in Renewable Resources, 2006, John Wiley
& Sons, Chichester.

Next to assessing the environmental and technical sustainability of technology, ENVOC focuses on cleaner production technology through research on the integration of membrane contactors within enzymatic
oxidation/reduction reactors. Here, oxygen supply through membrane contactors for the enzyme mediated oxidation is investiged.

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